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Hassan Tabaja

Born: 08 October 1971;

Place of Birth: Chiah, Lebanon;

Gender: Male;

Passport RL 0913767 (Lebanon);

Identification Number: 371923 (Lebanon);

Residency Number: 62270869 (United Arab Emirates);

Address: Lebanon;

Known also as: Hasan Tabaja; Hasan Husayn Tabaja; Hassan Hussain Tabaja.


Hassan Tabaja managed multiple properties in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) belonging to his brother, Adham Tabaja.

However, in the summer of 2018 Emirati authorities took swift action against Hassan Tabaja and the assets he controlled as a result of his nefarious activities.

Hassan Tabaja is the legal representative for Adham Tabaja (has Power of Attorney – PoA for him), and is named the executor of his property.

Accordingly, Hassan Tabaja was granted the power to make legal: real estate, and financial decisions; sign for business matters; buy and sell vehicles; take out loans; take out insurance policies; and cancel the PoA and any agreements in conjunction with and on behalf of Adham Tabaja.

Hassan Tabaja, likely on behalf of Adham Tabaja, has also pursued business transactions with Mohamad Noureddine, a Lebanese money launderer, whom OFAC designated, for providing financial services to Hizballah.

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