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Kassem Mohamad Ali Bazzi

Born: 02 Mar 1964 (Lebanon);

Country: Lebanon;

Nationality: Lebanon;

Known also as: Bazi, Qassem Mohammed Ali; Bazzi, Qasim Mohammed Ali; Bazzi, Qasim Muhammad Ali


Kassem Mohammed Bazzi is the U.S.-designated CEO and chairman of Lebanon-based Atlas Holding, which the U.S. government accuses of aiding Hezbollah in skirting financial sanctions. In February 2020, the United States imposed financial sanctions on Bazzi, Atlas, Sheikh Yusuf Aasi, Jawad Nur-al-Din, and 11 other Lebanon-based businesses for contributing to Hezbollah through the Lebanon-based Martyrs Foundation.

Iran established the Martyrs Foundation in 1982 to help facilitate the transfer of funds to Hezbollah and Iran’s other proxies. The foundation provides monthly stipends for education and health care to the families of martyrs, with a specific focus on children. According to Israel’s Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, the Martyrs Foundation has an annual expenditure of $100 million. The foundation’s budget is partially provided by Iran through Hezbollah while the remainder is raised through its fundraising network.

The U.S. government accuses the Martyrs Foundation of funneling money to Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terror groups in the Levant. According to the United States, senior members of the Martyrs Foundation in Lebanon were directly involved in Hezbollah operations during the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel. The Martyrs Foundation also created the Goodwill Charitable Organization (GCO), a fundraising office in Dearborn, Michigan, that acted as a Hezbollah front organization and reported to the Martyrs Foundation in Lebanon. The U.S. government designated both the Martyrs Foundation and GCO in July 2007.

Bazzi was named the chairman and CEO of Atlas at its creation in 1986. Atlas’s founders included Aasi and Mohammad Ali Bashir. According to the U.S. government, Atlas Holding is subordinate to Hezbollah’s Executive Council, which uses the company to conceal financial transactions for Hezbollah’s military activities. The Treasury Department accuses Hezbollah of using Atlas Holding to avoid financial sanctions.

In addition to Atlas, the United States sanctioned 11 companies linked to the Martyrs Foundation. Bazzi is affiliated with six of those companies:

– Medical Equipment & Drugs International Corporation (Medic): Bazzi is the director general, chairman, and authorized signatory for the company.
– Shahed Pharm: Bazzi is listed as a shareholder, director, and authorized signatory for the company.
– Amana Fuel Co.: Bazzi is listed as a founder, director, and authorized signatory for the company.
– Amana Plus Co.: Bazzi and Nur-al-Din are listed as company founders. Bazzi also serves as the director general, chairman, and authorized signatory of the company.
– City Pharma SARL: Bazzi is the authorized signatory for the company.
– Global Touristic Services SAL: founded by Bazzi, Atlas, and Nur-al-Din. Bazzi is the authorized signatory. Nur-al-Din and Bazzi are members of the board of directors.

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