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Naveed Qamar

Born: 27 October 1971;

Place of Birth: Bahawalnagar, Pakistan; alt. Lahore, Punjab Province, Pakistan;

Nationality: Pakistan;

Passport No.: ZG4109521 (Pakistan) issued 07 June 2008 expires 06 June 2013;

National ID No.: 4220149109527 (Pakistan); alt. 35171469484 (Pakistan);

Address: Flat #R9, Nauman Grand Sati, Gulistan Johar, Block 17, Karachi Sharqi, Karachi Province, Sindh, Pakistan;

Naveed has held multiple influential positions of authority within Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT) and has supported LT’s fundraising activities since at least 2004.

As of January 2015, he was identified as a leader of LT. In addition to running an LT training camp and supervising LT’s Karachi sector commanders in 2011, Qamar’s key leadership positions include: serving as the head of LT’s Education Department between 2013 and at least mid-2014; acting coordinator of LT for Sindh Province, Pakistan as of late 2008; chief of LT’s student wing and editor of the its “Al Dawa” magazine; and director as of 2003 for LT’s periodical department. Qamar has also been active in Jamaat-ud Dawa (JUD), as of December 2015.

In 2010, Qamar also organized and attended meetings with businessmen from Karachi, Pakistan, in order to collect funds and appeal for donations for LT militant operations.

In that same year, Qamar coordinated funds collected by senior members of Falah-e Insaniat Foundation (FIF) -LT-affiliated NGO, while organizing logistics and funding for mujahidin attack planning against Indian targets.

As of early 2011, he organized trips for businessmen to LT training camps to show how their funds were used.

Additionally, Qamar has held bank accounts used by LT leadership to receive donations and financial assistance.

In early 2013, Qamar led a group of Pakistani businessmen to an LT training camp for an orientation program on LT’s operations, after which they donated and pledged support of the group.

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