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Jaysh al-Jihad

Jaysh al-Jihad (Jihad Army), is an Islamic State group based in Quneitra Governorate in Syria. The group formed from the merger of seven small independent groups and factions that defected from Nusra Front after it clashed with the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade...

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Ajnad Misr

Ajnad Misr is an active Salafist Islamist terrorist group that has been operating near Cairo, in Egypt. The group was founded by Humam Muhammed in 2013, after he split away from the Ansar Bait al-Maqdis militant group. The terrorist group claims[...]

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Suqour al-Ezz

Suqour al-Ezz (also spelled as Suqour al-Izz) is a terrorist group composed of primarily Saudi jihadists that have been active during the Syrian Civil War. Founded in February 2013, due to personal disputes with the Islamic State of Iraq and the[...]

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Mujahideen Army

Mujahideen Army (also known as Jaish al-Mujahideen) is a Sunni terrorist group operating in Iraq. The terrorist group is believed to have an ideology similar to that of fellow Iraqi insurgent group, the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI). The Mujahideen Army[...]

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Junud al-Sham

Junud al-Sham (also known as Soldiers of the Levant), sometimes also called Jund al-Sham, is a group of Chechen and Lebanese Sunni mujahideen that fight in the Syrian Civil War and are led by Muslim Abu Walid al Shishani. Unlike many[...]

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Xhemati Alban

Xhemati Alban is a small Sunni jihadi militant group operating in Idlib Governorate/North Aleppo, who are ethnically Albanians, though originating from Kosovo. They have recently released a video on their "sniper squad", although the group as a whole has additional members[...]

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External Security Organization (Unit 910)

Hezbollah's External Security Organization is a an elite and strictly compartmented clandestine unit commanded by Talal Hamiyah, and functions as the far-reaching strategic arm of Hezbollah and Iran. The ESO (alternately known as IJO) was established in 1983, after Hezbollah's attack[...]

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