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Islamic Committee for Palestine

Founded in: 1988;

Co-founded by: Sami Al-Arian; Hussam Jubara; Ramadan Abdullah Shallah and others.


The Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP) was an outgrowth of the Islamic Concern Project, an initiative ostensibly dedicated in: helping the poor, the refugees, the displaced, the orphans, the sick, the handicapped and the homeless.

ICP in practice was an American front for the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which funded the activities of Muslim suicide bombers and the families they left behind upon their deaths.

ICP functioned as a sister organization to another Al-Arian creation, the World & Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE). Both of these groups were headquartered in Tampa. They both were fronts for the purpose of fund-raising activities for the Islamic Jihad and the Hamas terrorist organizations.

Among ICP’s leading financial supporters were the International Institute of Islamic Thought and the SAAR Foundation.

ICP, was shut down by the federal government in 1995.

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