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Al-Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company

Phone Number: 9647807798905; alt. 964805611259; alt. 9647905886647;

1. Iraq;
2. Hajin, Dayr az Zawr Province, Syria;
3. Sanliurfa, Turkey;

Known also as: Al Ardh Al Jadida; Al-Ardh Al-Jadeeda Exchange Company; New Land Money Exchange Company.

An exploitation of financial records associated with Mushtaq revealed a history of direct money transfers to support Islamic State provincial leaders through Al-Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company.

As of early May 2018, Mushtaq and a family member operated an Islamic State hawala from Al­Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company in Samsun, Turkey.

From the designation:

As of late 2018, Al-Ard al-Jadidah served as a money exchange used by Islamic State members in Iraq and was wittingly transferring money for Islamic State and delivering money to all the provinces of lraq. In 2018, an Islamic State member collected a hawala transfer of over one million dollars on behalf of the Islamic State at a branch of Al-Ard al-Jadidah in Iraq.

Separately, in 2018, an Islamic State member collected a transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Al-Ard al-Jadidah in Ramadi, Anbar Province, Iraq. These funds were designated as financial support intended for distribution to ISIS family members.

Additionally, in late October 2018, Mushtaq facilitated money transfers between Al-Ard al-Jadidah in Samsun, Turkey and hawalas in Iraq.

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