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Mushtaq Talib Zughayr Al-Rawi

Born: 1964; alt. 1969;

Place of Birth: Iraq;

Gender: Male;

Phone Number: 905537471039;

1. Turkey;
2. Belgium;

Known also as: Mushtaq Talib Zughayar Karhut Al-Hashimi; Abu Mus’ab Al-Rawi; Mushtaq Al-Rawi; Mushtaq Talib Al-Rawi; Mushtaq Talib Zaghayir Al-Rawi.

Umar, Abd al-Rahman, and Mushtaq Talib Zughayr al-Rawi were all business partners with Fawaz. An exploitation of financial records associated with Mushtaq revealed a history of direct money transfers to support ISIS provincial leaders through Al-Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company.

From the designation:

Mushtaq is a leader of the Rawi Network. He assumed the leadership role of the Rawi Network for Turkey and Iraq in 2018 from another family member.

Mushtaq operates the Rawi Network with the assistance of various family members, including his son, Muhannad Mushtaq Talib Zughayr al-Rawi, his brothers, Umar Talib Zughayr al-Rawi and Walid Talib Zughayr al-Rawi, and other family members, including Abd-al-Rahman al-Rawi.

As of December 2018, Mushtaq was living in Belgium with his family, and he laundered money to facilitate ISIS operations worldwide.

He owns money exchange shops in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, and the Gulf.

In late November 2018, Coalition Forces advisors and their Partner Force conducted a direct action raid of a compound owned by Mushtaq and seized financial records revealing evidence of his business dealings with ISIS.

This included a page containing the ISIS seal, along with a handwritten note requesting that Mushtaq assist another individual initiate a money transfer.

The note is signed “The Office of the Wali” from “The Islamic State, Caliphate on the Path of the Prophet, Wilayah of al-Furat.”


As of October 2018, Belgium-based Mushtaq operated a finance network that allegedly used various commercial establishments in Iraq, hawalas in Iraq and Turkey, unidentified individuals in the Gulf, and an unidentified West Bank-based charity to generate, launder, and move cash into Iraq and Syria on behalf of ISIS.

As of early May 2018, Mushtaq and a family member operated an ISIS hawala from Al­Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company in Samsun, Turkey. Mushtaq’s family member operated the business while Mushtaq traveled to Belgium. They also used the GOI pension system to launder funds for ISIS, and Mushtaq owns at least three QiCard businesses in al-Qa’im and Ramadi, Iraq and Samsun, Turkey. As of November 2017, Mushtaq oversaw money transfers for ISIS using a hawala network throughout Iraq and Turkey.

ISIS members in Idlib Province, Syria were paid by a finance administrator who sent the payroll to a MSB owned by Mushtaq and another individual in Dayr az Zawr Province, Syria.

Additionally, Coalition Forces previously detained Mushtaq in 2007, in al-Qa’im, Iraq as a suspected insurgent financier. Mushtaq is a former Captain in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards.

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