GFATF LLL Fawzan Musa Khan

Fawzan Musa Khan

Was part of mostly Afghan squad of mercenaries, contractors of the IRGC, that were hired to gather intelligence and launch a terror attack on the...

GFATF LLL Ali Naqi Golparast

Ali Naqi Golparast

He supervises the transferring of military equipment to pro-Iranian militias, particularly in Syria and to Lebanon for Hezbollah


Abu Ali Masoud Nikbahet

He is a senior member of Quds Force, born in 1961. He was previously stationed in Syria for the purpose of managing Quds Force smuggling...


Hassan Zabouri Nejad

He is an important figure in the transfers of equipment and ammunition from Iran to Iraq


Masalim Farsa

He was one of the IRGC’s supervisors on the establishment of several chemical factories for Hezbollah in Lebanon. The purpose - developing and manufacturing missiles


Javad Saraai

Senior oprative commander at the Foreign division (800) of IRGC’s Intelligence Organizatino


Ammar Mousavi

Ammar Mousavi, from the IRGC Aerospace Forces, was the main designer of the Shahed-136

GFATF LLL Ehsan Imanijad

Ehsan Imanijad

He is a key figure is Sadid Sazeh Faraz Sharif. He was born in Shahrivar 1982 and lives in Dadman Boulevard in Tehran